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Christmas Spoilers 1

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I’ve been working on Christmas presents over the last few months, and just can’t wait to share them!

Below the cut, you will see the items I have made so far, but with no names attached. If you are on my gift-giving list and want to be surprised, I recommend that you do not continue with this post!

For the rest of you, I’ll include the pattern source when possible. ^_^

Spiderman Blanket This took six days to make.

Crayon Blanket (made it up as I went!). This took seven days to make.
I’m particularly proud of this one for the amount of thinking ahead I did – I wanted to match the sc border on each of the crayons to the colours in the crayon AND whip stitch the crayons together using the same colour again, so when I changed colours for the black stripes, I left super duper long ends. I then used those ends for the sc border and for whip stitching.

Star Blanket. This one only took two days.

All blankets used Bernat Satin and a 5mm hook.

I’m on fire!

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  1. Love the crayon afghan… so cute!

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