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February 4, 2015
by mio

X Marks The Spot

I was going to wait until tomorrow to release this one, but I was so excited, and my fantastic testers finished so early… well, I just couldn’t wait.

Introducing: X Marks The Spot!

The colours on this one were inspired by Valentine’s Day, but you can use any colours you like! (Personally, I think variegated squares in the middle could be stunning!)

You can buy this pattern on Ravelry for just $1.49 USD

If you’re not sure if you’re up for this kind of pattern, I do have the original Eventually Granny Square blanket listed as a free download – it uses the same kinds of techniques. There is one additional technique used in X, but the pattern includes a picture tutorial for that.

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February 3, 2015
by mio

All Squared Away – Queen 1

This is the final (for now) pattern in my All Squared Away series; it’s also the biggest! I designed this one to fit nicely on a queen-sized bed.


If you use worsted weight yarn, your blanket will end up being approximately 70″ square (well, it won’t *quite* be square, but it’ll be close!). If you use DK weight yarn, you can expect it to turn out to be about 60″ square.

These ASA blankets are the ultimate scrap-ghans! You can use up your scraps making the squares – just keep going with the ball until you run out of yarn or you feel like stopping. Once you get the squares done, joining them together is quick and easy (and fun!).

Anyhow, you can go buy this pattern on Ravelry for $1.99 USD

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January 30, 2015
by mio

All Squared Away – Long Twin

I’ve been looking forward to releasing this one! This is a twin-sized blanket in the All Squared Away series that is extra long (88 -107 inches long, depending on your gauge!). As a tall woman (I’m 5’11”), I personally really appreciate long blankets – the tall person in your life will as well!


Buy it on Ravelry for just $1.99 USD

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January 28, 2015
by mio

All Squared Away Twin 3

Holy mackinaw! Another twin-sized blanket made up of granny squares of different sizes and using a continuous joining method so you don’t want to gouge your own eyes out? Amazing!

I really needed to see how something like this would look if I used the brightest possible colours, so I gathered together my neons and, well…

(Look at that, not only is it a twin-sized blanket, but it’s actually pictured on an actual twin-sized bed, of all things!)

It’s so dreary out around here that this blanket is just the thing I needed!

Buy the pattern on Ravelry for only $1.99 USD!

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